Are you a fan of table games? If your answer is yes, then you might have come across a game known as casino war. For those new to table games, you can visit to have a taste of different varieties. So what is casino war? Well, to those new, casino war is a proprietary table game designed to mimic the game of war. It owned by Scientific games and distributed by one of their licensed division known as Shuffle Master. Casino war is one of the card games that are easy to understand. With little skills, you are likely to beat the dealers hand more than 50% of the times you play. So how do you play this facinating game? Read more here.

The Game Play

A player plays a casino war game with six standard 52 decks of cards. The card ranking follows a similar way as in poker games. That is, they are ranked from highest to the lowest (A, Q, K, J, 10, all the way to 2). However, aces are the highest ranked cards in this game. Both players and dealers deal one card each. The layer will only win the wagered bet in the event that their card is higher than that of the dealer. Otherwise, the player will lose the bet. If both player and dealer have cards of the same rank, it is known as a tie. The player has two options in this situation. They are;

  • Player can chose to surender and lose half of the bet.
  • The player can also chose to go to war. Going to war means doubling the stake.

If the player chooses to play after the tie, the dealer will discard (burn) three cards before both player and dealer can deal aditional card. In the event, the player's cards are ranked higher than those of the dealer, then the player is awarded the wins of the initial wagered money only. However, in the event that the dealer's card has higher ranking, then the player will lose all the money (the dobled wager). If both player and dealer's cards have equal ranking, then the player will win all the double bets. There is also a side bet where the players can bet in the event of a tie. In case the player bets on the tie, and both cards matches in ranks, then he will win 10:1to the original bet.

The house has an advantage in that even the player surrenders. It happens in the event that there is a bonus payout that is offered. That is why the player should never accept to surrender. Both players and the dealer have 46.3% chances of winning the first card game (when playing a stardard game that has 6 decks). That makes it sound like an even game, right? However, the house advantage comes in on the event when the outcome is a tie. The value of the house advantage increases with increased number of decks in the game. However it will decrease in case the casino offers the bonus payout. The house advantage of war casino game is always around 2%.

The history of war casino games dates back to 1993. The first variation was developed by a small IT company known as Bet Technology. The company headquarters were in Carson City of Nevada (USA). After production, the company acquired the patent rights of the game. In 1994, the game was available on different Nevada casinos (Harrah's Tahoe was the first). In 2004, a giant company known as Shuffle Master took over from Bet Technologies. They acquired most of their assets. The casino war was included. To date, the game is a property of Shuffle Master. Shuffle Master operates as a division of the Scientific Games Corporation. Casino war is one of the most popular card games in the present casinos. With a good strategy, you are guaranteed to beat the dealer.